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The newest updates to 7 tasks that will include Free Play, Co-op, and survival multiplay.

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For 7 Tasks Source most of the coding and moddeling is done. I now have several new features to add to 7 tasks that will appear as add-ons but will be sperate mods. One of them is 7 Tasks Co-op where many players come together and complete the missions in 7 tasks. The stroy will change so that scientist don't say to one person "Hello Charlie," for now they will just say "hello." As soon as 7 tasks has come out I will also give out 7 Tasks Free play. where the player can have fun shopping zombies in half with a katana sword. multiplayer free play will result in Players versus a million Npc's.

also before 7 tasks comes out there will be an addon. it's not final so don't get your hopes up. it's mainly based on the film "Shivers" it will be a small map with a bunch of women trying to infect you with a creature to make more of them. you are only armed with a bat. it's basically a joke that nobody's done it before.

anyway hope mod db allows me to post this news.

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