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Many New Features. Lots of Changes and Bug Fixes. I think this makes the game even more enjoyable to play.

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New Features:

  • New Blood splat system - Blood sheds from the zombie when shot
  • Main Menu Music composed by Matt Mcfarland
  • New Music for the map Plain composed by Matt Mcfarland
  • New Sprinting feature For example if you want to run forward face your character forward with your mouse (because the character looks at the mouse) Right click and hold W.
  • New mute feature so you can mute the music.


  • Game info has changed so the sprinting instructions are in it.
  • Change first boss wave to 5th wave
  • Changed wave timer to 5 seconds so you don't have to wait for 10 seconds between each wave. I did this because 10 seconds was to long and decreasing time between waves increases the pace of the game which means more fun!!!

Bug Fixes:

  • The game wouldn't move on to the next wave with the new blood system
  • Game didn't clear score when you go back to the menu using "Control(Ctrl)"
  • Depth was changed so the blood didn't appear to be over the character and the zombies.
  • Time till next wave would start but then zombies would spawn and stop the timer.
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