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Calling all Redcoats and Indunas, whilst development progresses we decided to take some time out and release a new in game video trailer.

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Zulu Response Trailer

Whilst development has been going on at a steady pace we decided to take a break and create a new trailer which we are pleased to release.


The game is a single and 8 person multiplayer realistic First Person Tactical Shooter based on true stories from the British and Zulu African war of 1879.

Players get to command squads of intelligent AI that enables both single and multiplayer FPS games to be intense and realistic in nature. By enabling players to command these squads of AI it opens up all sorts of games tactics to the players whilst creating a battlefield that has a large number of antagonists all acting under player direction.

British Line
The British player can utilize his AI soldiers by having them form up into lines of standing and crouched and order the firing to alternate between each line. The British used the tactic throughout the 19th century with devastating effect as the line delivered a constant volley of fire onto the enemy (as 1 fires the other reloads).

As a Zulu player can you find a way to defeat the British line ...?

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