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A preview of the new Consortium ships. With these the public beta is 75% done!

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It is time for me to finally reveal the new Zann Consortium Fleet. I'm sorry about the delays but exams are quickly approaching and school work is piling up. So with out further to do, here is the new Consortium line up...

Skipray Blastboat
RB-22 "Spearbooster"
T-wing Interceptor

IPV patrol craft
Crusader Gunship
Adenn-class assault ship

Interceptor IV Frigate
Vengeance-class Frigate
Jehavey-II-Class Frigate

Krayt-class Heavy Destroyer
Kedable-Class Battleship
Kyramud-II-Class Battleship
Kandosii-class Battle Cruiser

Vengence-Class SSD

Tyber has trusted the acquirement of new ships to Uria Fen, who has plunged into both his archives and his black market contacts. Finding many ships in old holocrons and ancient Mandalorian texts, Uria contracted Mandelmotors to reconstruct the mighty Mandalorian warships of old with black market upgrades and redesigns. A great number of new ships can be found amongst the pirates, smugglers, and scavengers that have flourished in the power vacuum since the fall of the emperor. Using these resources, Tyber will be able to spread his cartel to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, finding information, secrets, and wealth to fund his vengeance against the empire. But some secrets are better left undisturbed, ones that may shake the galaxy to its core...



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Guardian you forgot to put up the 'you know what'

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Guardian14 Author

If you mean the 'you know what' that You and Dj are working, that's a surprise...Shhh. And credits will be in the pics descriptions...

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