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So 2015 is on the horizon and so, here is an update on the current status of Nyctophobia.

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Engine Switch

After months of engine switches, bugs and various other roadblocks we've finally decided enough is enough and we're moving back to Unity. For those who don't know, the development of this game started of in Unity, back when the game was a simple Slender clone. When we made the change from Slender clone to story driven survival horror we decided that an engine switch was in order and so, decided that we would switch from Unity to Unreal Engine 4. However after technical issues (our computers suck) we were forced to make another switch to source... however, source is very outdated and we had many issues with compatibility and crashes so we're now back to Unity.

After all of that, we're now in a good development flow and feel that this choice was for the better.

That is about all we have to say really. Sorry about the lack of news but we hope to update you more frequently on the status of this over the course of 2015. We don't expect the game to be released then, but there will be plenty of videos, screenshots and concept art up for you to view.

Thank you all for your patience throughout the development of this game.

UPDATE 30/12/2014:
As you may of noticed, this game has had yet another name change, this time (hopefully) final. The new name "The 5th Subject" is based of the fact that there were 5 people exposed to the gas with only the 5th surviving, that being the one which escapes in this game.

UPDATE 09/05/2015:
Now we're back to square one. Unreal 4. This is mainly because unity is simply not cost effective, and Epics recent switch from Unreal being a subscription to it being free has really moved me closer to that. I feel in order for me to make the game i want to make, in unity i would need lots of paid addons to the editor. Stuff that comes with unreal straight out of the box! So i'm done. Unreal it is!

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