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More levels, more puzzles, MORE HORROR! Many things have changed, and it's time to show some of the new content!

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Hello everyone!

Since so much has been going on, I thought I'd take a moment to share a few things. First off, here's an early screenshot of the new city dream map:

City Map

Pretty neat, huh?
Unlike the most other levels, this one takes place outside, and will allow much more free exploration.
It also has a surreal feel to it, as everything is supposed to be floating freely in the air. Right now
it's only the trash cans that are flying about, as it's still only a work in progress. It's probably going to be the biggest (and scariest) map of the entire game, so It's a lot of fun to work on. It should be finished soon.

I've also added a new puzzle element, as seen in the screenshot below:

The Darkness

I call it "The Darkness", and just like almost everything else in the game, it sybolises something significant in the game's story. It's a big, dark wall that will hinder your progress through the game. So how do you get past the darkness? Well, you'll just have to play the game and figure out for yourself. :D

Other than that, a lot of things have been going on behind the scenes, and lots of code has been optimized. These things aren't very interesting, so I won't talk about them.

Oh yeah, the main horror elements of the game are also being added. This involves a lot of sound design, and implementing some antagonist characters, though they will be kept secret for now.

Many other things have changed too, but I'll save them for later. I can't say anything about a release date yet, but the game should be in beta in a month or two. If you're interested in testing, let me know.
Make sure to check out the images-tab, where you'll find some freshly uploaded screenshots.
That's all for now. Bye bye :D

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