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Like now we can't give you christmas present because of politically correct, we give you new year present.

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We got a lot of new thing to show you this year! First this is an example of what the shield models are. This one is for the goaul'd station.

It's not that beautiful but it will be invisible and of course textured of a different way. And just to give you an idea, me need to do 83 shield a lot more complex than that. ( don't worry we've started some time ago). After that more excitent than to show things you won't see, comes the 304. Reviewed and retextured here it is.

This new version contains more texture

And is lighter than it's previous version. So when you'll play, the game won't lag as before. It will lag but with much more ship.


This one was expected by a lot of people but the results are even better than what we imagined. Seriously I looked on the internet and this one is the best I saw until now.

This model started as a fan art and become popular over the internet. The body is mainly the one of the 304 but it have a different head and engine.(see images) So he will be faster and have stronger hull. We also talk about adding more weapon on the head. But of course if it's the perfect vessel, it will cost a lot... no more then that... even more.


This one we're not too sure if it will be a ship of himself or a possible upgrade on a 304. Anyway it still be there, this is the 304 + super death missile launcher alias the HADES.

As you can see, it's based on the old 304 and added with an alternative top and rochet launcher. There's also a new type of engine behind (see in the images section of the mod) but not like the Achilles.


Yeah I know Atlantis was there before but it was not textured. (yeah that's the lagging when you get too close). Well people we pass of no texturing to really textured.

You can't even see from this close in the game but it's just to show you it's really well textured. Some people say there are many bugs in the texture. If you see them don't worry a geek is underway to redo the painting. In a larger picture this is want Atlantis looks like if you get your eyes off the screen.

See more images off all the sides and a closer look of those details in the images section.

Jumper Bomber

Who said WTF? :P This is a new mix, a jumper that throw heavy bombs on the enemy. Cool HUH? But he will be slower and won't really be effective against other fighter.

And that new guy couldn't come without his brother

Jumper Interceptor

This one is also a mix of a jumper but this time he's equiped to attack enemy squadrons with precision. It's faster the bomber but it's nearly inoffensive against big ship.

The jumper will stay a good alternative because he's fast and can attack but type of target.

That conclude our new year special new ships but more are underway. First those one will be fixed and other will come sone as assaultjumper, pulsarjumper and minelayerjumper.

Stay tuned for our next version coming in for 2009 and for more update on what's up in the mod. Don't forget to watch our mod and vote for us as the 2009 mod of the year and maybe we'll work faster.

Thanks to Slimbox who's the creator of all this!


nice work guys!

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this ;)

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can't wait for the update

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