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First of all - Happy New 2015 everybody! GL and HF! We are starting the new year with full power. Check out some of our new UI...

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First of all - Happy New 2015 everybody! GL and HF!

We are starting the new year with full power. The team was working like a Santa's elf even during the Holidays to integrate more new visuals and features that will enter the Closed Beta TEST. By the way the Closed Beta will take place really soon (11th of January), so don`t hesitate to register if you want to try Spellweaver TCG ASAP.

Now back to business - we have brand new UI for our Deck Editing, Collection and Marketplace screens! Hurray! Check it out:


In the Collection menu you will be able to browse trough all of your Cards, as well as the Packs & Extra Items bought in the Marketplace.

The Filters column to the left gives you the opportunity to systematize the content by: Aspect and Rarity. Also, you can choose the Compact View which will show you more Cards and items in one screen and you have the ability to sort the Cards and items alphabetically instead of the default sorting method which is Level/Mana/Alphabetically.

Deck Editing

The Deck Editing menu is quite similar to the Collection with just two diffirences. First as you can see there is no Packs & Extra graph. And more importantly - this is the place you can build and edit your decks.

The column in the right of the menu shows your currently selected Hero (on the top), the current deck he is using (the rectangular shape under the hero), as well as all the Cards in that deck divided in categories: Creatures, Spells, Shrines etc. The adding and removing Cards is done mostly by drag-n-drop method.


And last, but not least - the Marketplace menu. Here you will be able to buy Card Booster Packs and other Extra Items with the resources (gold) you win while playing. As in every free-to-play game you also have the option to buy in-game currency (crystals) with real life money.

The items currently available in the Marketplace are Booster Pack (consisting of 10 Cards), Small Pack (consisting of 5 Cards) and the magnificent The Box (consisting of 12 Booster Packs).

And that`s all for now folks! We hope that you like our new UI!

NOTE: Please, notice that these screens still represent work-in-progress and it`s possible for the features to differ in the future


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