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This is just basic news about the new upcoming mod and how the group will be changed.

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hello guys i have great news, I will be making a WWII version of our Realism mod. the mod will have the following, realistic ranges, rates of fire, tanks/vehicles stats, skins, equipment, damage, reload times, and much more. The 2nd version of the Cold War Realism mod will be a secondary or side project while the WWII mod will be in full development , I hope people will be happy with this decision and will enjoy the mod. Just to let you guys know I know that most things in the mod like, skins, weapons, and more were not made by me but I will give full credit to makers and get permission to use them so please don't message about permissions and ripping content. If you would like to help please message me here on Moddb and please feel free to support and join the group. I also have other news and that is that all users or members of the group will be able to upload screenshots, invite friends, and maybe post articles. I will upload screenshots of the mod and other work on skins and other things like sound improvements. I hope you enjoy this news and will like the upcoming mod, I'll try to release the mod before or around Christmas.

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