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So, I've been wrecking my head all day thinking of how to fix cave generation...

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Recapping the problem

So, recently I've ran into problems with cave generation, for some reason the random functions in flashpunk were failing me, although it could have been my fault, i'm certainly not pointing fingers!
The caves would only generate around the player, leaving around 100 blocks to either side without caves!

Resolving the problem

I've decided on a new concept, to have tunnels shooting out from the spawn, which then have a random (hopefully random...) chance of spawning a cave at the end of them, or just splitting off into 2 more tunnels, the cycle goes on until all tunnels lead to caves!

Concept in design

If your like me and like visual representations of concepts instead of a Wall of text, I produced this visual (not so HD) representation :D.

Bare in mind, this only shows one of the shoot-off's, there will be 2 or 3+ coming from the spawn.

Wow.. lots of followers!

To some people, 22 may not seem a lot, but it is to me, I appreciate that people actually find this game interesting, and that gives me the encouragement to keep working, although I really do enjoy working on it, you guys spur me on! :)

What's after generation?

Well, hopefully I can get the basics of enemy AI done, and after that, I plan on working on a bigger inventory, and maybe the possibility to store stuff in chests, because if theres one thing I really do love in a game, is having TONS of items to collect, even if some of them are just for fun, it really gives you satisfaction getting awesome items, so expect that!

What's that link again?

If you want to play the current development build you can find it here:

I hope to soon have the game on Desura for tuppence (very cheap), so look out for that, but if you buy the game once, you never EVER have to pay for an update again, so even if the price is $10 in a year, you'll have got it for $1 (or so)!

garrettcolas - - 251 comments

Looks great dude, I can't wait for more blocks and stuff. I want you to get crafting working ASAP!

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hagamablabla - - 240 comments

I feel special since I'm one of only 22 people who watch this :D

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