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More informations posted about NewWON Today by ben5015e at Steamless Forum,Help is very appreciated for this to be done faster ..

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Originally posted by ben5015se at Steamless Project Forum,The Patch is not done yet (99% Completed ) but Help is appreciated if you want this to be done faster

" Neuwon is a clone of what was. I have all the original servers from won.

The website should be stable from now on..

I didnt get the sv_downloadurl patch finished this weekend unfortunately, Things came up this weekend that i did not intend. and next week i have my son so I will not be able to work on it.

Basically I'm working on this whole project by myself. I am in need of help if people want this done faster...

Currently Im doingg everything: Web administration, Web development (php,oracle,mysql), Reverseenginneering half-life, Coding hl patch(cpp,asm), finetuning the directory,chat & authentication servers(cpp), Finding host's for the directory and chat server's.

Honestly, there are only a few things left for launching the network (for half-life):
1. Client patch (98% complete) - need to finish http download code, actual hook is finished
2. Server Patch(99%) - need linuxhlds patch, Very simple
3. Client Installer (100%) - This is needed for new cdKey's & cdkey registration
4. cdkey registration server(99%) - Needed for new cdkey's for hl

Here Is the Explaination for what is being done with the Client/Server Patc
1. Added svc_downloadlocation msg to client & server - used for getting download url
2. Patch Client ResourceRequest function to add http downloading(if server is using it)
3. Patch Engine a. fix SFX_T error b. added All new steamhl msg's

1.svc_downloadlocation - client uses this for http downloading
3.clc_cvarvalue/clc_cvarvalue2 c. varies engine change
4. New cdkey if created for ALL clients (this is a must, or you will not be able to connect to neuwon)

That is where the project currently stands.

I have been using all the free time I got to try and finish this "

Help is Appreciated for this to be done faster ,Talk with ben
shefben at gmail . com

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