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Well, it's almost 4am here (been working on the mod since 10pm) so I decided to post that video and image

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Ah, well the title of the news is below :D

Generals powers and menu gone, completely

No superweapons

Realistic construction and logistics (your units dont just appear from magic buildings anymore), hence the new animation for the war factory and supply pads

New effects, a blend of the Enhanced mod, and my own custom particle effects

New building models (my own)

AH! The UNSC Barracks will have a very special animation for it :D

Gone is the boring emptiness of the normal zero hour/every other mods bases... both the Covenant and UNSC will have special building animations and new command sets to build decorations (cost nothing, look cool)

Just stay tuned for more updates!



Well I don't know how to do anything game-wise, but have my appreciation!

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I am an idiot, I shold have sent my reply to this thread instead of the main page....owell, just read it, and what kind of help do you need excatly?

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mechgt5 Author

anything to do with modding, mainly modeling the buildings and such, and other you know... models, lol

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