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Our new website is live and lots of awesome changes are imminent!

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We've been working on it semi-behind the scenes to get it to a stable point, but we can now say that our website is ready for populating. Please join us there at, where you can ask the devs directly anything you want by either a live chat in the IRC tab or dropping us a line in the Forum.

To explain our current situation succinctly, I quote our front page:

"The game is not currently available due to the web hosting change which unfortunately comes at a time when we do not have a playable release ready. A lot of things are changing in this next release which make it entirely incompatible with the previous versions of the mod; don’t worry, it’s all for the better!"

Such things changing are confirmed to include:
1. Use of OJK code for a way more stable and adaptive platform, thanks to the JACoders and eezstreet! That means our own jkgalaxies.exe, the first step to a standalone version of the game.
2. Greatly improved launcher. Shouldn't be falling down when you threaten to download with it anymore! It also has a lot of great new features that make fixing the game should it break a lot easier. Thanks to DarthFutuza!
3. Accuracy variations are here now, making Aim Down Sights feature finally not only useful but downright necessary. Running fast and opening fire may do well to scare your enemy, but good luck actually hitting them. You'll need to slow down, find cover, and take aim!

Click here for more info on what has changed including bug fixes and more specifics on the new features and launcher.

If you want to know when the game becomes available again, which should be very soon, just sign up to our mailing list on the right hand side of, we will let you known the moment the download link goes up!

As always, thanks so much to our community members here, and at JKHub and who stick around in our IRC and motivate us to work the game!

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