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A lots changed since the last play test, thanks to all the comments and suggestions we're now moved these forward to create the following weapons, pets and updates:

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We've been developing the highly re-engineered Ghost-Gun. A demonic weapon which which will float objects around in an eerie way, and then you can set fire to them to cause the human team damage and fear.

The ghost gun can also set fire to doors and other stationary objects to create the mood and tension in game that you're being watched by the other team.

The demon scream will now cause all glass object to smash nearby and strike some fear/paralyse damage into the human team close by.

Theres also much better control over your demonic possessed subjects giving a clearer eye view when you're in their body (theres a screenshot of a possessed headcrab in the media section), the attacks will leach some health from the other team to keep you strong.

If you're interested in joining our next set of play tests or want to join the crew then send me a PM :)

Watch this space:
We're working on AI Pets (headcrabs at the moment) which level up with fighting experience and then evolve into other creatures, you can teleport them into the heat of battle or out of danger. You can either directly control them or aid them in their fight against the human team.

Who doesn't want to be a flaming headcrab?

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