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Much work has been done on the inventory system and on the weapons. You can now collect weapons on the ground, drop them when you don't need them, throw grenades, etc...

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Since the September news I haven't posted much pictures of what has been done, this is why I was thinking it would be a good idea to summarize the development The Alien Wasteland of these last times.

After working a lot on the map and on the buildings, I decided to make some coding by creating the inventory system and the ability to grab weapons and items on the ground spawned by the game after each alien wave. It is also possible to drop the weapons you don't want any more since you can only carry a limited number of guns, so choose smartly the weapons you want to keep !

Grab the best weapon you find and drop the less efficient

After each alien wave, a diesel can will also spawn somewhere in the map. You will have to find it before the next alien wave begin and drop it on the car. You win the game if you manage to defeat enough alien waves to collect all the cans. Grabbing the cans and dropping them are done the same way as with the weapons, excepted that when carrying a can you run much slowly and you can not shoot, making you a vulnerable prey for the aliens !

Find and collect all the cans before the aliens come back !

I also implemented the animations and the code to be able to throw grenades at any moment, making it perfect for when you run out of ammo but still have a concentration of aliens near you !

If you need a bigger fire power for a short amount of time, use grenades !

While coding, I also created a lot of animations for the weapons (deploying, reloading, dropping, etc...) but also remade the previous old one which I wasn't satisfied with.

New animations for the hunting rifle

While developing, I also tried to make the game more popular around the net by creating a Facebook page, running a Twitter account and adding the game to the Steam Greenlight Concept (it is not yet the "real" Greenlight). So if you like my work, feel free to visit and share these links !

So what is now coming for the next update ? It's simple, the trailer ! A short video showing the best of the game and all it's features ! However, there are still a lot of work remaining before being able to start recording. It is mostly about the aliens and their behaviours, but also about some details like the boxes of ammunition, particles effects, ambient sounds, musics, finishing the last weapons, etc...

Anyway, I have overall achieved a great part of the development and I am more confident than ever about finishing and releasing this game ! Many thanks for having read this news to the end.

P.S. Sorry for the videos with no sounds, but I actually recorded these footages for short animated GIFs before realising how heavy they were in the GIF format...


looks fun.

hope it turns out to be good :)

i was tracking son of nor for ages and the first release i played
was not good.
i mean the ideas in it were clever and original ,but it ran like a 3 legged donkey and controlling your character was horrible and was not fun to play.
it will hopefully improve in the future.

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Devdan Author

Yes the gameplay is something very important in a game ! I am giving a lot of attention on things like the smoothness when switching weapon, throwing grenades, jumping above obstacles, etc...

I also try to make the game to keep a high amount of FPS even on computers with low specs. However, I found that UDK is a bit too "heavy" in this side (jerky aiming).

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Am I deaf or is there no sound?

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Devdan Author

Well in fact I recorded these footages to add them as shorts animated GIFs, without sounds. However, I found out that animated GIFs would become terrible when used with a higher resolution, so I decided to turn them into videos and host it on youtube instead.

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