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Walkers are now functioning with the AI, and updates should be coming more frequently

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There aren't any pictures yet to show this, but the Hierarchy's Walkers are now functioning with the AI. This was not accomplished through LUA, but rather through giving the AI access to an invisible factory object that can build every Hierarchy unit and upgrade. The player cannot access this structure, nor can the AI build a unit from it unless the corresponding walker is alive.

This is a major step in taking the mod in the right direction, but there are still a couple bugs in the Hierarchy (such as charging the enemy with the units which are supposed to be valuable factories).

With this most recent development, I hope that we'll be posting updates much more frequently!


Brilliant, it is good you got that thing out of the way, any other challenges in the way though?

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HammBoyTheDestroyer Author

Well, the Hierarchy doesn't seem to want to build new walkers after the first ones get destroyed, but that's just a simple matter of AI tags in the XML code.

The big thing is in space. We *really* need a member of the team that can rig models and do textures. If we had that, I would be much more motivated to work with space (placeholder models aren't nearly as much fun).

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