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Focusing fully on creating the multiplayer content

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Freed from the clutches of college life, more time shall be spend on the multiplayer aspect of Infected. Currently in the process of reworking the human weapon and armor system. Im in need of a competent mapper as well as someone familiar with Source Code enough to help me start creating the classes and giving them their special abilities. I've seen a few features I would like to implement but Im not quite sure which way I should go. Since this mod has a few followers I suppose I'll pose the question here. Ive heard about the way DoD (Day Of Defeat) implements their barricade system, where you physically move furniture and stuff in the way of doors and I've seen the Nazi Zombie way where you just walk up and hold down a button as it auto repairs. My question is, which way would be more enjoyable for gameplay? Perhaps a mix of both? Like during the setup phase for the humans, they would move things around and then during the actual game it would turn into the quick patch jobs of wooden planks. Comment here and let us know. Also private message me if you interested in helping out on the mod. The more people, the merrier and the faster we get work done :D Thats all for now, Later days folks


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