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Substream is an aerial shooter animated to music. I've just released a new video and I'm working towards an even bigger trailer.

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Hey! Well, I’ve been back working full-time on Substream now for three weeks. Actually for one of those I was ill, which wasn’t ideal. But that’s all the bad news I have for you. Development is going well. Every day I’m doing something different at the moment; game design, website design, adding new game features and improving others. I’ve been building on the demo I took to PlayBlackpool, fixing the bugs that were revealed there and adapting to feedback and lessons learnt from players. What can I share with you?

A Video

And if you like the look of this video then you might want to Track this Game on IndieDB.
I uploaded this new gameplay video earlier this month. This is actually the same section of the game that was shown in the announcement trailer from 2010, so it makes for a good comparison of how the game has evolved; you can see this is the same level, just slicker.

More Videos

I’m working towards a larger trailer now. If I go ahead with a crowd funding campaign it’ll be an important part of that. There’s a few things in the game I want to improve before I’ll be ready, but I’m excited about this one. I want to show off some elements of the game which have only been seen in images. And others I haven’t mentioned yet.

All The Lists

Game development is fun, but sometimes it’s tedious in really strange ways. Over the last few years while I’ve been working a day job or chilling out at home I often think about Substream and have an idea which I want to remember. So I’ve been keeping text files on my laptop, in my phone, on my PC and on paper with notes and thoughts in no order whatsoever. This is good practice because I get to hold on to those good ideas that come at strange times. But I've been doing this for two years..!

I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent over the last month merging these notes, deleting duplicates, reconsidering crazy ideas, trying to decipher items, categorising and prioritising them. I couldn’t work with multiple random lists because there was no way to access information from them. So I’ve now organised them into a text file that’s 500 lines long! That’s been directing my work lately and the items have been removed at a decent pace. If that continues I’ll have the new trailer ready around the end of August.

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