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a new vid will introduce a new ability to the game! plus some info about the development process

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im working on the scripts and sprites that will give our character the posibilitie to attack , i think and hope the video will be uploaded this fridady, keep track of the game so you dont miss it!"!!!

and some info about how the game is doing
we have not receive any feedback from the indiedb community =(
we are working around the clock so that we can finish the 240 long levels by the first quarter of 2014
the we are working on the concept art and the game´s feel, lighting and in general the way it looks.
we hope we can get some donations so the game´s music and sound is produced by a talented freelancer

the story concept so far
charlie is a eight year old kid who has been polluted by society´s corruption and darkness, your task as charlie´s soul is to get into his very dreams and thoughts to clean this darkness and corruption, you will have to your disposal holy powers like spawning platforms and using a light sword, the point of the game is that as you play through more levels the game gets darker and darker, until you realize you have reached the core of the problem, which is a very dark and diabolic nightmare.

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