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Today has been a productive day! Many new additions to DOOM:ONE and a big learning process for me!! full changelog is as follows.

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Changed the music files for now, so I have some heavy metal to listen to during testing instead of MIDI,
Changed all mid-level doors in E1M1 and E1M2 so now open automatically. Secrets and exit/airlock style doors are still manual, possibly looking at making them keypad opened, just to the side for something different,
Large secret area now finished in Nuclear plant, with a tasty little surprise for those who find it!
Finished and hunkered down the bunker in Nuclear Plant.
Began work on the Nuclear Plant to Toxin Refinery transition. Added an ammunition storage style area with 2 hangars, and PolyObj doors what really do look like an aircraft hangar.
Began trimming the fat with the WAD to try and bring the filesize down (currently sat at a whopping 81MB.... most of it sat in unnecessary files where I've been using the IWAD as a template!)
Working towards transforming the WAD to use DOOM2 instead of the ultimate Doom, conversion should go smoothly if textures remain the same!! This will allow the LEGAL use of the SSG... and also enable me to fulfil the plans I have for a DOOM 3 style transition area.. (Teasers ;) )
Added new traps and surprises to keep the action more constant and remove some dead areas of the maps.
Much Much more that can be seen in the upcoming video!!

I am working hard to get the 4 level beta out! Until then guys please give me any feedback you can from the videos/photos. This is an ambitious first mod I realise, but I'm hoping I can do this justice in the end!!

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