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A new video with a galactic preview. Right now it's just one galaxy with a few thousand star systems, each with their own planet that you can travel to. It's worth a check out though!

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A decent amount has been added and changed. So, it's about 5 minutes of in-game video. Goes from main menu, to starting a new universe, flying through a galaxy to a random star system and entering it. Flying to the planet that's there, landing, walking, running and jumping around. Spend a little time underwater then head up to land and watch the sunrise. After that we head back to space. I was going to fly out of the star system back to the galaxy and head to another system..but by then the video had already surpassed 5 minutes. As far as specifics that have changed?

Galaxy has been added with a few thousand star systems, each with planets.

Transition to and from those systems is in.

Running has been added for planet walking.

Changed the speed display depending on how or where you are traveling.

A lot of code changes under the hood.

Grabbed a free robot character model to use for now, until I finish building the TV's character model. No animations are enables or used right now.

Brightness on planets has been toned down a bit.
Increased planet to space exit distance.
Changed ground walking/running speed.
Added optic blackout screen for radiation barrier.
A few others that don't have a real visual function.

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