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Here is the progress to the new version so you know what we are up to.

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All things from below - Done-

shooting animation improved - almost like automatic
fixed uruk hai-invisible textures (not everyone have this bug)
added new banners for assassins, china, stuff and 22nd
removed all ugly banners
Fixed the damn faction limit on Warband; we can now add 99999 factions without causing any bugs.
Fixed most maps that allows players to glitch and prolong the round (already applied to the offical server)
more male hairs made from our team
guns now use real bullets not bolts anymore
Captain America added to Super Heroes faction
Greek faction now have tons of new armors
fixed aztec warriors (no more white skin)
Originally, if we import models from TLD the models would become corrupt corrupt, so we did some fixes and polished things up now it is compatible with Warband! More TLD items, yay!
Different guns have different gun sounds now: E.G. AK47 has AK47 sounds
New Chinese face/ several faces (E.G. Orlando Bloom face) added in character editor
When you drop modern guns it is now possible to pick them upagain
Alexander the Great now a playable class for the Greeks
samurai have new items
some new stuff for persians
enhance CoR faction a bit, now they have 22nd as backup
The Romans now have a Roman General class
It is now possible to block with bows
Lots of maps have been redone to stop people glitching and prolonging the round
Fixed the lack of gun sounds for modern guns (already fixed in offical server)
Barbarians now have Gallic invaders from the Roman period
enhancements to several defender factions
fixed all pistols that held upside down
WW2 machine guns can now refill their ammunition, we are also working on making them fully automatic without losing accuracy - if numerius join our team this might be possible
Massive enhancement to Norse faction
Terrorists tanks gets a buff
New bosses added to Crazy Farmers Invasion
Helmets and armor no longer appear in item equipment slots
Massive buff to Crazy Farmers Ridiculous Throwing Weapons;
you will now have to get to cover when these guys are coming, instead of absorbing 50+ chairs into your armour
New roman armors OSP; thanks to RGCOTL - OSP
Proper gun animation for assault rifles added!
Crouch-pistol animation fixed
goblins now have 'Goblin Spider Rider' and 'Goblin Wolf Rider' mobs to give them proper cavalry
All roman infantry now have a new shield with a unique model: Legio IV FF Scutum - made by Court of
HK MP5 and Mac10 now use the sub-machine gun animation instead of using the pistol animation.
Highlanders now have proper retextured armors + claymores
Barbarians now have new clothes to wear
Gandalf and Gimli are now playable in the LOTR faction
More LOTR legendary items
tons of new LODs for models to increase game performance
against endless waves of invaders
Desert Eagle added to spec-ops faction
Terrorists (defender) now gets a buff compared to spec-ops
Terrorists' "nolegs" bug fixed
Massive buff to Spiderman and Ironman, teamwork is now required to defeat these two bosses
Tons of new sounds for normal zombies instead of the old sounds playing repeatedly
New sounds for fat zombies and hunters
Other new sounds for guns
isengard and mordor = have banner bearer mobs
Gun smoke on pistols reduced
Easterling' infantry armor becoming white-texture at long distance fixed
Zombie Clowns now have 'Zombie Clown Head Thrower' Mob
Native Tribes Zulu missing hands fixed
Uruk-hai are now playable in the LOTR faction
New sounds for trolls
New music from TLD
Lorien elves added to LOTR faction
Mirkwood elves added to LOTR faction
Elves of rivendell added to LOTR faction
More gondorian items
More nazgul items
More horses made from our team added to various defender
More stuff from our team added to Fuin 2
Fix Calradia Faction gear slots
The cost to buy a thing from chest increase to stop people
not contributing to the team
More bots added to all defender factions so you can play
solo with bots alone (like single player)
22nd armors and new court of reveran armors added to Court
of Reveran faction
It is now possible to play as invaders on invader faction
(Devs and admins only)

New defender factions: --
Spec Ops + Terrorists Combined
Rohan + Elves Reinforcement
Axeman of Lossarnach
Silvan Elves
High Elves
Lorien Elves
Mirkwood Elves
Knights of Dol Amroth
The 16th Century

--The ones below is too big, will appear after this version)
Empire of Antaria (Sword of Damocles faction) Kingdom of Aden (Sword of Damocles faction) Republic of Marina (Sword of Damocles faction) Villianese Duchy (Sword of Damocles faction) Zerrikanian Sultanate (Sword of Damocles faction)

+++ New invader factions -

Invasion of Mongols
Invasion of Swadians
Invasion of Rhodoks
Invasion of Vaegirs
Invasion of Nords
Invasion of Droids
Invasion of Rome (Follows Rome Total War style)
Invasion of Orcs
Invasion of Little Babes
Invasion of Little Ponies
Invasion of Skeleton


Woa you guys are ******* amazing with your updates... I was wondering tho if it is possible at all to make it so the guns fire automatically? ones that do in real life obviously... if this is impossible then I understand but if not then could you try and do it? I think many people would enjoy this because currently you have to spam cick all the time to fire quickly which is a annoying, bearable of course if you cannot change this : ) keep up the good work guys!

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Yes auto fire coding we may be able to add in. We will not add auto fire coding if it requires Warband Script Extendor program, WSE would screw up the mod's features such as refill quivers and resting on beds and the random weapon chest as well as barricade and dirt building system.
So yes if it does not require WSE. No if it does require WSE most likely.

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constant updates i liek.

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Flawless updating our team we have made huge progress and I'm happy to be able to code now as well and fix basic coding errors.

Happy with the effort we are putting forth into this mod.
Excellent work guys I'm proud to be on this efficient and excellent team of ours.

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