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Enhanced version is now out and can be downloaded from "downloads" section, THANKS!

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Because of the review i had, i now have fixed/enhanced the original mod to be better. I never could done this without JBLNug1126´s review, so i thank you for that.

Dark halls Master bedroom

Everyone who can please give me feedback, because it will help very much.

So what i have done to the mod, well first of all i have fixed the door in the beginning so the game won´t crash if you touch it. Second i fixed the scripting of the watermonster so, that it won´t disappear when you reach to the other side of the water tunnel. Third i fixed the end trigger so, now you don´t have to go to the other side of Andrew to make it trigger the end sequence. Last i have enhanced the textures and that sort of stuff a little. So now i really hope that you enjoy playing my custom story of this really awesome game.

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