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Have you been enjoying the mod so far, huh? I really hope so. While it started with its share of bugs and errors, Morrowind Rebirth is beginning to look like something really special..

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Have you been enjoying the mod so far, huh? I really hope so. While it started with its share of bugs and errors, Morrowind Rebirth are beginning to look like something really special. Now I shouldn't sit here and brag about my accomplishments, but the truth is that I'm really proud of my work! I truly belive that most of my followers (cult warning ;)) are having the same thoughts. If not, I'm always open for suggestions and feedback.

Now back to the real reason why I'm posting today. I'm quite sure you want to see some actuall progress. For this version I have something really special in mind. I've always wanted to do something about the small Ghostgate fort, turning it into a actuall fortress. Dren plantation didn't look like a plantation and it REALLY doesn't fit for the richest man on Vvardenfell. At last but not least we have Suran, which really looks diffrent, but in a good way.

Here's list for the changes in the new patch (1.3)

New/improved areas
* New Suran
* New Dren Plantation
* New Ghostgate
* Balmora Sewers
* A new tavern near Khuul (Three Daggers)
* A new alchemist in Pelagiad

General fixes
* Imperial Newtscale Cuirass now counts as a legion uniform.
* Summoned creatures have had their soul value set to 0.
* Redoran Guards (female), will now greet you properly.
* Lowered the chance to find pearls to 20 % (used to be 50 %).
* Player made potions are now 50 % less valueable.
* You'll now take damage if standing in a fire or really close to it.
* Redoran Guards now wear a Redoran Shield.

New ingredient
* Guar Meat

New artifacts
* Oathbreaker (Two-handed sword)
* Truthseeker (Two-handed sword)
* A new still unnamed shield

There might also be some new creatures, but I can't promise anything. For you who didn't enjoy reading the wall of text, here's some pretty screenshots

Dagoth Ur won't be happy about this either..

Dren Plantation

Balmora Sewers





I also have some new mod recommendations to run alongside Rebirth:

Welcome to the Arena! by Kalamestari_69

With this mod, you can fight and bet for fights in the Vivec's Arena. Like in the the Imperial City Arena in Oblivion, there are apparent teams of combatants and scheduled matches.

Fresh Faces II by Illuminiel

A photo-realistic plugin-less replacer for the faces and hairs of Morrowind.

Jericho's Better Soul Gems 2.0 by Jericho

Bump-mapped soul gems.

Vivec Bump-maps by Biont

A really nice texture replacer for Vivec with bump-maps.

That's it for now.

lol1234 - - 1,765 comments

Awww, you're elminating our get-rich-quick, enchant-stuff-easy, and oh-god-I-hope-creeper-can-afford-this-soulgem schemes!

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trancemaster_1988 Author
trancemaster_1988 - - 3,040 comments

It does make the game more fun though! And I will add some high end merchants later on too.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
lol1234 - - 1,765 comments

High-end enough to buy a soulgem with Vivec in it? :O
(Also, I have a request: Could you add some sort of building, such as building a house yourself, sort of like the "Grow your own Telvaani Towers" mod)

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JawaKnight - - 7 comments

I just wanted to say, I love this mod and you!

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trancemaster_1988 Author
trancemaster_1988 - - 3,040 comments

Haha thanks! I hope you'll enjoy the next patch too :)

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sbseed - - 499 comments

sweet. now i just need to find out what immersion mods will work with this :D

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