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New version is available: SHTUP-ND beta0 (SHEMP hires animated textures have been incorporated, and already available textures have been overhauled).

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Heads up, the latest version can be found here:

CONTRIBUTORS • Clay "ZylonBane" Halliwell - project lead, texturing, model tweaking, site design • IceNine - modeling/texturing (updated pipes and Many goo) • Black Boe - modeling/texturing (updated plants) • Eldron - texturing (updated Xerxes) • Eshaktaar - lots of modeling • Kai "Hires" Kloss - texturing, modeling • Jan "Rattkin" Muller - texturing • Darksharp - texturing • Freylia.Net - current forum host • Shock Unlimited, Wuggles Unlimited - old forum hosts (R.I.P.) • Ryan Lesser - original high-resolution SHODAN render • SNAFU - hi-res SS1 V-Mail • Garcie - texturing • Ichu - texturing • Nameless Voice - texturing • Pride Assassin - texturing • Thunderpeel - texturing • Shadowspawn - mesh conversion tools and high-poly basketball mesh • Telliamed - font conversion tools

DESCRIPTION: The System Shock 2 Texture Upgrade Project (SHTUP) is an effort to increase the quality of SS2's textures by recreating them as faithfully as possible at a higher resolution. Most of the textures that SS2 shipped with were only 128x128 or lower. Secondary objectives of SHTUP include correcting typos and other graphical glitches, enhancing animations, and basically doing whatever can be done to pretty up the graphics. This project is far from complete. If you're a talented artist or 3D modeler, we'd be glad to accept any help you can offer. SHTUP is completely compatible with the Rebirth AI model upgrade mod.

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