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New version with vastly improved game-play and tons of subtle fixes.

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Some of the fixes in this version:

- Fixed the intro bug reseting the game difficuly to "Medium",
- Major overhaul of all translator messages, including proof-reading & design tweaks,
- Improved A.I. paths,
- Massive redesign of the Military Bot (no more rocket spamming, deals less damage, has less health etc.),
- Fixed doors,
- Improved other movers,
- General overhaul of gameplay (health and ammo supplies changed, some enemy tweaks),
- Fixed broken map scripting,
- Fixed some BSP and collision problems on ZP01, ZP08 and ZP11,
- Fixed performance issues on ZP01. There remains one low-performance area in the map due to heavy usage of dynamic lights.
- Added a coop failsafe in ZP10 for the Skaarj ambush, preventing the map from becoming stuck. Doors auto-release after 5 minutes after invoking the ambush.
- Fixed annoying music loop in map 5 after reloads.

I hope you will enjoy the new version of Zephon!

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