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An update changelog of new features and improvements.

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"Listen, I got a great idea, how about we switch our gears?"

“Brave New World”

New Dunia MOD v2.0.0: Apocalypse_Now

New country for old men.

The new "Mad Max v3" changelog:

1. Much more diverse vehicle paint works.


" IS that you, my dear INTERCEPTOR ? "

2. Better overall texture, details, effets and some color tone changes.

eg: More visible muzzle smoke, high detail decals and derbis, better bloods squrts effect..ect.


"There are many new effect changes, go find out yourself! "

3.Enemies can now drive the dune buggy! :D


"Nice rig you got there, but mine have a gun."

4. Introduce the "Immersive UI"

Now the UI will automatically fade out even our player is firing his own weapon, the ammo counter only shows up when the player has 1/4 of ammo in its mags! (also when reloading.)


"Almost feel the heat."

Other change/improvement with the new "Mad Max v3" Update:

  1. Fallen enemies drops more ammo.
  2. Increase the chance for the fallen enemies to drop grenades.
  3. Some hitlocation tweaks.
  4. Some AI behavior tweaks.
  5. Some enemy weaponry change and damage tweaks.
  6. Added dune buggy as a patrol unit.
  7. Fix a string bug that in the tutorial mission.
  8. Remove Reload and Jamming prompt.
  9. Added a "New Dunia" logo ;)


That's it, hope you enjoy the mod, and don't forget to leave a review!

Thanks for all your support! ;)


I am getting crashes after loading screens for "new game"
I am running gog version with the patch.dat patch.fat from dx9 and dx10 respectively. The only way I can get the game to load with these files inserted is to turn graphics settings down to lower. when the game starts in this way if i turn graphics up to highest, I get about 10 fps. normally I can run the game at 90fps on higehst settings.

so basically I cannot use your mod.. any ideas? doesnt matter if i used dx9 or dx10 mode.

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dannyhl2 Author

Hi, my new uodate revert the "without ultra graphics" mode,which certainly will help the FPS issue, give it a try!

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Just re purchased FC2 after what, ten years...? Was looking for a decent mod and decided to give this a try. I had just gotten past the tutorial andon the first mission, getting the police chief. Made a save with my map open, in the middle of the jungle. Quit the game, went out and got your mod, installed and loaded said save, since I saved with the map open, my game loads with my map open, I see the lack of icons, which I took as part of the mod, yet once I close the map and reopen it, my characters green arrow disappears... wondering if that is also an added change with your mod...?

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dannyhl2 Author

Yes, one of the feature of this mod is the realistic map system, the map icon shown is actually increased(I think its conflicting with your old save), and the player's green arrow is removed, so the player needs to navigate with his GPS and pay attention to the surroundings.

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