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Another useful update, adds a new playable unit, two new decorational units, a new building and some data-edits that make the gameplay even more interesting.

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-new unit:

A ranged, axe-throwing vampiric knight replaces the cavalry

archer for the Bathory Clan. Slightly stronger than a regular mounted

archer and causing damage in a radius, but unfortunately, due to some

incomprehensive bug does not damage buildings.

-new building:

The Transsylvanian peasants have an own unique wonder

now. A hide-out/fortress that was originally intended to shelter

people and shoot arrows, unfortunately that didn't work, because this

piece of data-edit crashes the game, but still nice to look at.

-new graphics:

The forest-spirit, Leshy, which torments your villagers

comes with a new look, distinguishable from the Viking Berserk. The

Witchhunter is less stiff when standing (the torch-flame moves a bit)

and in regicide the Vrkolak have a new appearance for their king (and

a different name).

-new data edits:

To keep up with the other strongly over-powered

fractions, the Transsylvanians and Vrkolak have received some new extra

bonus. The Transsylvanians can shelter villagers in churches, which

then shoot arrows and their spearmen cost 50% less. The Vrkolak pay

50% less for villagers and their female nature spirits (Samodiva) have

+1 range, as to compensate for the otherwise poor quality of ranged

units. Overall female spirits now have an attack-bonus against siege

weapons and those of the Dracul Clan (Iele) have the strongest attack.


Sounds good, can't wait :)

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Ivacula Author

It should actually be out now, please anyone, let me know if some of these changes don't work on your computer or whether something has gone wrong with the usual data-edits, cause I won't be playing the mod myself for a while now...

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