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We're working on a big new update for the mod,so odn't be doubtful. It is real.

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We are working on some great new stuff for this mod. It has potential. We're modelling some OPFOR soldiers for our source mod and then we'll skin them. We're also working on npc's. We could use some skinners and mappers to help with the mod. Finally a new update I know.But this mod has potential if people don't keep saying, it's a joke, it's bad. It's about half a year know from when it was announced so don't be doutful, we're working on it. But if some profeshional people help us, then we can get it done faster and better. We're not too good with modelling or mapping, so if some professionals helped we could really get this running.

Basic Story: It's basically like opposing force. We scrapped the old story and thought this through. There's two of you, you're opposing force soldiers. Your chopper was attacked, so you dropped in small pods. You play as Dean and your fellow opfor soldier, Captain Joe Harper lands in the same area. You have to look for gordan freeman, but when all gets worse and enemies start appearing, things get bad, so your ony self objective: Get out of there, eventualy you and Joe get the the extraction site and evacuate the area. But don't worry the gameplay inside will be good. And there will be a lot of good npc's not just original ones. We'll be making custom npc's and scientists. But in order to do this we need a good team. So calling all good mappers, modelers and skinners please contact me. And if you are interested add me on steam:Theblecrusader . Thanks a lot for the help/. There'll be a video soon on all the things tested in gmod so it works with source , then ther'll be added to the mod. Thanks for anyone who's supporting the mod and not doubtful we appreciate it. Wow, if anyone votes it for mod of the year i'll be estatic. Thanks

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