My mod, Particle paradise is meged with SWAT Rebalanced. The Mod maybe come out even sooner! ALL explosions, artifacts, anomaly's everything about the particles is changed! everything! Now you'll get the best stalker experience. NOT FOR THE LOW END PC'S!

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My mod SWAT Rebalanced matbe comes out sooner than expected. It will give you the best stalker experience possible without changing the ols stalker feeling. You get noob stuff at the beggining and as you play through the game you equipment will become stronger and better. There are 10 new weapons like ppsh, bizon FN F-2000 old, Full BM16, Benelli and MP7A3 PDW. Some features like artifact activation are included too. So you can strategic attack your enemy, place a anomaly there and the will walk right into it. The levels are changed too, priboi terrain, SWO extreme graphics and more. You'll find out when you will download it!

NEW RELEASE DATE: January 16th 2010


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SWAT Rebalanced 98% finished! the last finishes are made and its almost ready. Particle Paradise is taken out cuase that could not make the deadline, sorry guy's. NPC's in cordon have to be re-placed by experienced stalkers, weapon fixes like FN F2000 zoom from 88% to 25% (assault zoom) and some textures have to been filtred like perfect heights and widhts (aka 1024*1024) or (2048*2048). It has to have those textures or the game will not work.
So i hope to not let you wait to long.

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