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Hello everybody! It's been a while, but we are not dead! Cghopk is working hard to make this dream come true, this is an update about the current progress

MAIN BRANCH updated 7/12

Embassies: Players and AI will be able to choose between foreign consulates to build in their settlements. Only one will be allowed. They will unlock certain units from the foreign factions roster.

SCRIPTS: As of now, only the French invasion of Mexico is in due to unknown random campaign ctds. It's going to be debugged by a very good modder as soon as cghopk can upload it to him.

Airships & Tanks: Textures are being fixed by another talented modder.

Elephants for Siam and India: cghopk needs to rig the models, Metal Pigeon helped with projectiles which are way too op atm.

New Music: Brand new battle, marching, campaign, victory and defeat music for Union, CSA, Peru, Mexico, and Brazil. If you have anything for the other factions send the youtube links to him soon! (DM cghopk via Discord)

UI Cards: There are about a dozen units missing cards atm.

MAIN BRANCH estimated release date: Summer 2021

Now, let's move on to the planned subcampaigns

The Great Game: This campaign is set in central Asia and will use a custom map.

- Start date: 1839

- Factions and UI implemented

- First priority release

Civil War: This campaign will cover the american Civil War and expand from Canada to Panama using Gigantus' map.

- Start date: 1860

- Factions, map, and UI implemented

- Second priority release

The Scramble for Africa: This campaign will cover the entirety of Africa and feature native and colonial powers. A custom map will be made.

-Start date: 1870

-Third priority release

European Steel: This campaign will focus on continental Europe.

- Start date: 1861

- Map undecided

- Fourth priority release

Future of Our Liberty: This campaign will feature the entirety of South America. Custom map to be made.

- Start date: 1860

- Fifth priority release

Oriental Empires: This campaign will expand from Vietnam to Australia and will use a custom map.

- Start date: 1860

- Sixth priority release

And last but not least

Clockwork Empires: Main branch overhaul, converting the main branch into a more steampunk setting. Airships, mechs, more steamy and diesel units, tanks, tesla cannons?

Cghopk hopes that with the Main Branch release, more modders will come to help, and the community will grow bigger.

Finally, a message from cghopk:

This is a very ambitious mod, but it's my dream to make it all come true. Lots of units and work has already been completed with the main branch, so I'll be able to copy a lot of that stuff over to the ToW (Theaters of War) campaigns easing progress. A growing community helps a lot and hopefully some more modders as well. Thanks all for your patience so far!

- The Steam and Steel: Total War Team

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