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A new update for the maze will overall boost the performance.

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A new update for The Maze Of Lost Memories is coming and it will overall boost the performance so it can run better on older machines. One of the major problem of the maze has always been poor performance, this is caused mainly by two factors: map size and monsters. The first one can be solved by reduce drastically the size of the huge maze but that would basically completely change the shape and the difficult of the maze which leads to be forced to almost re-make the maze from scratch. The second one has been solved with this new version. In the previous versions when the player reached a certain area a monster would show up, very basic, and this would apply to all the areas of monsters inside the maze. So immagine running and explore almost entirely the maze, this leads to have a lot of monsters around, this is what caused the lag issues because the game engine is not built to have a lot of monsters active at the same time because when doing so the game must process each monster's animation, each monster's sound or music ecc. and it gets worse when one of them is chasing the player because if that happens every single currently active monster also chases you, so now the game must process each monster's paths so he can reach the player. To fix this huge issue basically I completely changed the way the monsters inside the maze spawn: when the player gets to a certain area a monster will spawn but if the player reaches another monster's area, if the current active monster is not chasing the player then it will despawn and another new monster will spawn instead. By doing so there will be always only one monster active inside the maze(except some rare cases) and this method reduces lag for sure! Because of this change the maze can be easier for someone who played before so to compensate that I made a few changes to monsters' speed and sight(they will spot you easier). Here there is a complete list of all changes I made:

-Reduced body size of monsters. Now you can bypass a monster if he gets you in a corner.

-Fog color and properties will change as you get more memories.

-Changed the overall light of the entire maze.

-Changed how the orbpieces act. Because of the changes to the monsters as an additional effect when using an orbpiece a nearby monster's red room(spawning point) will be sealed, this effect is not cumulative and if you die all red rooms are reset.

-Removed all the barrels(they sometimes could get the game crash).

-Fix blue candles entities(they were broken).

-Changed Autosaves(they were broken) now you can save the game anytime by interacting with the piano.

-Fixed a checkpoint issue that could cause, in rare cases, the player to be unable to make progress.

-Changed and fixed monsters' paths.

-Changed some strings.

-Added a new difficulty mode: Hard Mode.

-Added the possibility to survive to the storage's trap by first freeing grandpa from the tiny door. This change makes possible to play the Maze in insane difficulty mode(Hard mode of Amnesia applied to Hard mode of the maze of lost memories).

-Changed the intro tutorial so the differences between the available modes will be a bit clearer for the player to understand.

I hope you enjoy this new version, if you never played this custom story I suggest you to try this new latest version and tell me what you think about it! Or perhaps if you already finished this custom story maybe you would replay it in a bit more enjoyable/lag-free experience ;)

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