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Update (Pre-Alpha 2.1.0) has been released with new player models (male/female) and basic player customization (color selection). In addition, bug fixes and improvements.

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We have released a new update (Pre-Alpha 2.1.0) with new player models and basic player customization. You can choose between a female and a male character. In addition, you can select 2 colors for your character.


Here you can see the new player models in action:


In addition, we fixed some bugs and improved several other things as documented in the CHANGELOG for Pre-Alpha 1.2.0:

- New player models (male and female)
- Simple character customization: you can choose gender and two colors
- Added sounds for female character

- When game crashes due to error, now better protection against savegame losses
- Added gun fire effects to rocket launchers and laser-based weapons
- Added new attack sound for "Harley Davidson Monster" (the creature with the multiple serpent heads that attacks during Omicron night)
- Bases on Moon, Aestus and Ningues now attack player
- Dismantling of Container on Escape Pod now also gives resources
- Added hint in Video Options if Fullscreen mode cannot be selected due to wrong aspect ratio
- Re-sorted Option tabs so that Video and Audio are side by side

- Fixed: Constructor / FoodProcessor Inventory only showed 8 instead of 9 item rows
- Fixed turret bug after resuming game
- Fixed bug that rockets and laser weapons did not collide with close objects
- Fixed bug that removing last block (e.g. after dismantling Escape Pod) causes an error

Known Issues:
- Internal error is thrown (instead of a error message) if Server and Client have different versions when connecting in multiplayer


They look great! The feet on the female armor looks a tad bit small though.

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This game looks very promising.

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