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Groovy Invaders version 1.3 has just come out! Featuring tweaks to Levels 5, 6, and 7. Along with extra sound effects added to the UFO enemy, along with info on my next updates.

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The next big update for Groovy Invaders. In this latest version of the game, I have updated levels 5, 6 and 7. tweaking the amount of enemies on screen. Along with the Belch Monster boss fight that I improved upon a little more. Also I added multiple sound effects for the UFOs. So they're saying more than just "OH FUCK!" everytime you kill them. Variety is the Spice is life after all. I took some screen shots of what I've been working on too, check'em out!

Version 1.3 pics

Level 7, the Starry Sky Level.

Version 1.3 pics

Version 1.3 pics

Level 6 is the Desolate Planet. And Introduces the Ack-Man. An invader that attack your ship
from the side.

Version 1.3 pics

In Level 5, you have to tackle your first boss fight. The insidious Belch Monster!

I still want to update the last of the 10 levels to Groovy Invaders. And the I plan on adding more levels later on. And I'll have some help soon getting this game some new & improved graphics too!

I hope you like the latest version of the game, please leave a comment or review and tell me what you think. Also, come check out our youtube channel that we've been working on!

And also like our game on facebook, if you have a chance.

Have a nice day!

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