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New release, ice balls, performance tweaks, iOs support on its way, and a few thoughts to the future.

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There's some great new stuff in this release. Notably I've reworked the entire spawning mechanism for game objects and fixed up some issues that were causing significant lag.

The Mycos Taking a stroll in the Cruiser

Cool-stuff wise, there's a new "Ice ball" which is a huge ice asteroid. When it explodes, a number of crystals are released in proportion to its size. This brings the guns back into play, as does the new mechanism of asteroids continuing a chain if destroyed by gunfire.

The biggest news is likely the imminent iOs release currently under review. I had issues getting the banners working, so I've dropped ads from the iOs and apple players will instead be able to pay about a dollar to play.

Blow by blow updates:

  • Added ice 'stroids. They have a crystal center.
  • Huge performance improvements. Totally rewrote spawning to remove late-game lag.
  • Fixed issues with fonts impacting performance.
  • Fixed up scoring for individual ships, no longer a fudge-job.
  • Added "Scoring Efficiency" leaderboard, which shows a ratio of your total score divided by the total seconds lived, essentially your average "points per second"
  • Ice radar for cruiser and mycos
  • A number of small bugfixes along the way.

Future ideas:

  • Antigravity field that pushes things away.
  • Tractor beams that attract certain items.
  • Different types of weapons - beams / missiles, etc.
  • More ships
  • Ship upgrades

As always, any and all feedback (good and bad) is taken on and gratefully accepted.

If you do want to chat about something strafer-related, I mostly hang out at

Happy strafing :)

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