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New update presenting some improvments and new unit integrated.

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hello everyone!

it has been a long time without any news on this projects, and you continued to follow and like it so it really motivates me to take more time to work on it !

the game is actually far from beiing finished, but it has really been updated this time, by solving some bugs and features i was not able to solve last time !

So here is just 2 new images presenting 2 type of soldiers you'll meet inside the tunnels (the screen is shaked when you take damages, and i took a lot during these screenshots)


Flammes Throwers: Anyone knows who hare this unit, always desired by players because they make a lot of damage and can burn everything !! But what would you do with this kind of unit raging and running around you to burn your ass ?
they are not affected by burning flammes from laser.


Gun Soldier: This simple soldier unit is not really efficient alone but can make a lot of damage in groups and they will do more by making embush in the corridors. Don't be surprise if you die multiple times because of them...

Some improvments have been done of the weapons you will use:

Laser: Is growing in size and making more damage with power bought in shop. but the Laser is also now burning grounds, wich will make little additionnal damage to any unit who will walk on it, except if they are fire retardant


Mini Drones: The mini Drone who will follow you during the journey will now be more efficient in many ways:
- It attract all the coins in a small area around it to collect them.
- collected coins are also affected by multiplicator bonus X3 or x5 when they are activated.
- It has his own IA to purchase and kill ennemies around the zone, so you don't have to take care about it if you don't see it inside the screen, it is certainly in action somewhere in the level and works for you !


Homing: The Homings are now programmed in a better way and are really efficiant on any bot they'll cross.
They are auto fired at a rate you can improve in the shop.
They can't target humans but they will do them damages if they collide them.


Shield: This Shield can stop everything from enemies during a short laps of time.
You can get more time if you grab another Shield Bonus during the first activated.


Magnet: The Bonus Magnet is now attracting the coins correctly, but you'll have to take the time to collect them carefully to not lose them outside of the level, wich mean that if you rush you'll miss a lot of them because it base on attractivity, and can react as orbit like the moon around the earth.
The Magnet is stronger than the effect used on the mini drone but can be disturbed by this effect wich means, that in some case, if the coins are attracted by your bonus, and during the orbit is attracted by the mini drone, if the mini drone doesn't collect it, it may be insensitive to the attraction of your bonus.
This point may be solved in a future update by the professor Foreach.


Mines: This little mines are dropped periodically during your fly, you can increase the rate of placement and they will explode automatically after few seconds, or if someone or something is touching it.


Bouncer: This Bubbles are bouncing on each wall and objects they are encounering, during this steps, they will lose a little bit of there damage power but can destroy mutiple enemies with only one shot, especially at full power.

In the sound design also there has been some improvment but this part is not yet finished.

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