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New update is coming very soon with additional skills, reworked blocking and much more!

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New update is coming very soon with additional skills, some reworked mechanics and more!

Don't forget to vote for us on Steam Greenlight! It's greatly appreciated!

Patch notes so far:
- Increased arrow speed 13%
- Made arrow trail much more visible
- Increased fireball cooldown 50%
- Improved projectile visual for Nor'Easter
- Added WaterBurst spell
- Fixed bug with Rest sound cutting out if too many people rested at once
- Remedied a network issue involving characters bumping into each other and how that was handled
- Updated dirtball sounds
- Added ThickSkin skill
- Decreased strafe speed by 25%
- Added Blood Drain skill
- Reworked blocking animations
- Added shield avatar group
- Reworked blocking mechanic:
- back damage will no longer be blocked
- Varying damage modifiers depending on which weapon you have out - sword/board > 2h > staff > bow

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