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A Few Ideas For Units They Will Be Used In Campaigns Plus I Have A Idea For Campaigns And Missions if you want to help please do

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Alien Seeder Tank
Nod Apache Attack Helicopter
Gdi Sonic Tank

New Buildings
Alien Seeder Turret
Nod Obelisk Of Darkness

Mission 1 Act 1 An Unexpected Arrival
Mission 2 Act 1 A Hostile Approach
Mission 3 Act 1 An Act of Kane
Mission 4 Act 1 Kane Lives In Death
Mission 5 Act 1 You Cant Kill The Messiah
Mission 6 Act 1 Kane Lives
Act 2
Mission 7 Act 2 A Hopeless Situation
Mission 8 Act 2 Cabal Returns
Mission 9 Act 2 A New Hope
Act 3
Mission 10 Act 3 1 Vision 1 purpose
Mission 11 Act 3 A Tiberium Future
Act 4
Mission 12 Act 4 The Alien Menace
Mission 13 Act 4 Kane's Missing
Mission 14 Act 4 One Bomb To Many
Mission 15 Act 5 The Final Conflict
Scrin Campaign
Act 1
Mission 1 Act 1 A Rude Awakening
Mission 2 Act 1 Brute Force
Mission 3 Act 1 An Unwelcome Attack

That's it for today if you can come up with anymore or want to help out let me know via comment
Need Staff Urgently if you want to help with making this mod pls contact me at
im looking for
people who can use world builder well
good 3d modlists
and people with ideas
thank you for your support

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