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We need some Map makers, if you are willing to help out with creative story design campaign maps or Multiplayer Maps, you are welcomed to comment here, and talk with the 2 of us. Also more units will be added to the Empire as the Earth Resistance faction and all post Fall of Earth Era factions have been completed.

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After finishing up all of the Earth factions for the Fall of Earth Era, I will be now working on 2 of the most biggest factions of the entire mod, and that would be the Galactic Empire, and Earth Resistance.

I will be adding more breaded factions to the Galactic Empire, including that of the occupational forces of the Empire that was responsible for the occupation and governing of Earth during the time of the Earth Imperial War since the Fall of Earth ended on October 22nd, 2020, I will try to go easy as I know size matters, and many of you out there can't download the mod, and I know there have been complains out there, that the mod has not lived up to its end of the story, mainly due to no missions, which to that I apologize, but I don't know how to make missions which is why this mod was created as an editor mod, so that those who can make missions can do it using their own imaginations, they don't have to follow my story if they don't want to, but they sure have permission do do missions if they wish to.

But yes, as you know I have great news, I have decided to pull some maps from my Nero Conflict mod, which are indeed Red Rising Maps who are created by the Apocalyptic Map pack that was designed and created by none other then as a way to add more Earth Maps, now I know this seems stupid, but I can't make maps I don't have that ability, the only thing I can do, is try to edit the maps and try to make them unrecognizable, which is the farthest I can go, hence is why I ask for help, if anyone can make maps, they are welcomed to comment here, or message me directly, but if you are not friended to me, you will have to comment here and I will add you, and we can talk from there.

Now be advised you don't have to make maps everything on Earth, as not all the Earth Imperial War takes place on Earth, believe it or not it also takes place, in other planets around the solar system, and not only that beyond the solar system as well, some even take place in the Star Wars Galaxy, which was apart of Operation Star Blitz, that took part in 2025, which would be 3 ABY in Star Wars years, where after months of raiding and stealing a small number of Imperial capital ships and transports, Earth after traveling through the black hole, which was the only wormhole and only way in and out between our Universes, and launches its own blitz attack against the Star Wars Galaxy in order to try and gain the attention of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, which almost worked at that time, but the Empire crushed them before they could try to either get communications out to them, or reach any settlement where they can expose themselves as Alien humans from another galaxy, the closest was when local smugglers from Mos Eisely was able to catch win of the battle, and they attempted to meet up with the Aliens Invaders (Which by Aliens means us Earth Humans), in order to know who we are and why our technology was so ancient, as our previous attacks on the Empire in the Dune Sea haven't gone unnoticed, but due to the Empire jamming Tatooine at the time there was no way to get a clear line of communication to the Alliance to Restore the Republic in order to expose our existence tot hem, therefore the only way to do it, would be to grab a ship and travel off world and tell it to them in person.

This would not come to pass, as the Empire learned of this as well and attacked the formal smuggling outpost which was abandoned after Shadow troopers cleared it in 1 ABY of Rebel weapons smugglers, and destroyed both the Earth presence and Smugglers, but it was known as the closest that we as Earth Humans ever got to talking and almost interacting with the Alliance to Restore the Republic, even if it was not the military itself.

Needless to say we were eventually defeated on 3 planets, and were forced to return back to the Blackhole and back into our own home universe, the Invasion failed miserably with high casualties inflicted on our side, but the good news is, is that like I said before, our Invasion did not go unnoticed, as it got the Rebellion who was still recovering after Hoth to look at the Empire even more, even going as far as to connecting it with the Massacre of the men of the 271st Legion (Earth Humans forced to fight for the Empire) during the Battle of Hoth that same year.

With all eyes now on the Empire, and with the urge of hiding our Universe the black hole and our Existence now on the verge of crumbling the Empire was forced to take drastic measures, therefore the events of Endor was made, in an attempt to not only get the Alliance to Restore the Republic to forget all we have done to try and get their attention, but also crush them once and for all, of course this backfired badly leading to the deaths of Lord Sidious and Darth Vader, and the Death Star being destroyed a second time. Operation Star Blitz believe it or not was actually even credited by the New Republic to have been the Alien Invasion that saved the Rebellion, as during the Invasion of Nylon we actually caused so much damage to the Empire on these 3 planets which were known to be ideal key worlds that were considered untouchable to the Alliance to Restore the Republic, so you can now understand why they were suspicions back in 3 ABY, our Invasion failed, due to us having ancient technology, that no longer existed in Star Wars, but what allowed us to last so long was our military tactics, Earth Military tactics that don't exist in the Star Wars universe.

But yeah this is why I need Map makers, I have so many great ideas for Maps not just on Earth and in the Milky Way, but Star Wars as well, I even had ideas for maps that will depict missions where you play as the Rebellion and you have to find out what the Empire our hiding, as before Jakku the New Republic were conducting battles as far as 4 ABY (2026 In Earth Years) prior to Endor in hopes of finding out what the Empire have been keeping from the galaxy's eyes, but of course it isn't until Jakku when it is discovered but you all are also welcomed to come up with ides as well.

And one last note, I will be working on the Alliance to Restore the Republic faction as well, but right now the main ones I am mostly focusing on is the Earth Resistance, and Galactic Empire as they are actually the 2 main armies of Imperial Conquest, as the New Republic don't finally arrive and save us until 2046 (24 ABY In Star Wars Years), about 26 years after our planet was conquered by the Empire on October 22nd, 2020 (2 BBY In Star Wars Years), but even though our planet was liberated the war was far from over, the Empire still had vasts majorities of our galaxy, and they could come back and conquer us at any time as the fleet that liberated us was small numbered and undermanned, it wouldn't be until 2069 (47 ABY In Star Wars Years) when finally everything ended and the Empire dissolved fro good, and no the Disney Star Wars do not exist in my universe, as I hate the Disney rip offs.

So yeah lets just say if this were to happen, I believe that the Galactic Civil War would have been the longest war ever in the history of Star Wars, lasting a grand total of about 49 years, and if you include our War with the Empire that lasted from 2018 all the way to 2069, that is a total of about 51 years of warfare, making it the longest War ever to ever plague Star Wars Galaxy.

Anyway Thank you for listening...


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