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Seems hard to believe, but work on the 1.0 has already gone underway.

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Allright... First off, I am NOT getting ahead of myself with this post.
The beta requires two things: SSd's from Commander165 and the planet code from Wizardington.
So any 1.0 status reports are for the 1.0, not the beta.
Why am I bothering? There won't be any more beta news. Its release will be the last mention. In the meantime, new features for later releases are going to be announced.
As I have stated already, I have permission to use code for Hutts (Desilijic Clan) and pirates (Black Sun). I just came off a 2 hour text coding session to get faction texts to work...
On to the main point: New units.
Malevolence Destroyer
Ixhiyen fighter
Kirahx fighter
TIE Neutralizer
Indigenous squads (all kinds, added Trandoshans, Gran, Duros, Deveronians, Chiss, Mandos)
IPV 2 Frigate
Leviathan Destroyer
Bothan assault cruiser
A-9 Vigilance Interceptor
I-7 Howlrunner
Cloakshape Fighter
DIE-Wing ugly
X-Ceptor ugly
XTie Ugly
Imperial fire squad (2 grenaadiers, 2 e-11s, 1 sniper)
Imperial marines
Page's commandoes (takes over enemy ships in space battles- each faction will have a variant)
Foray corvette
Pelta frigate
and many more. Comments and concerns we would like to hear.

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