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We have finished a new unit. Enjoy the Treemen of Avelorn.

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Some of the more powerful and ancient of Avelorn's spirits are able to entwine their essence with that of a living tree, moulding it to their will. It is not a decision taken lightly for, when a spirit forms a bond with a living tree, they become irrevocably merged and cannot choose to leave – only death can sever the connection. From that moment on, the will of the spirit shapes and drives the tree, using knotted bark and gnarled branches to serve where an insubstantial spirit form cannot. Terrifying to behold, these behemoths smash apart all who stand against them, and are almost impervious to harm. Foes are swallowed whole by gaping mouths that open in the trunks of these mighty beings, the corpses providing the host tree with nourishment for many years.


Finally a Treeman that looks like a Treeman.

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