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A new semi-complete unit list for the mod. This list features the new heroes

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United Systems

Main Heroes
Chairlady Kyra – Korriban – Tech 1
Lord-Wing Commander Anakin Skywalker/TIE Slayer - Tech 1
High Phantom Ryn Fett/Knightfury (YT-1300/TIE) - Tech - 1
High Lord-Commander Lord Drake/Resurrection (Arbiter) - Tech 3
Mand’Alor the Free, Bo-Katan Kryze/Naakla'kyr "Peaceful End" (Kedalbe) - Tech 3
High Lord-Admiral Lady LaRue Valen/Harrowed Knight (Harrowing) - Tech 4
High-Admiral Gial Ackbar/Liberation (MC85) - Tech 5

Minor Heroes
Knight-Tamer Ezra Bridger – Dromund Kaas
Nightmother Assajj Ventress/Night Screamer (Modified Ginitex) - Dathomir
Lord-Commander Ahsoka Bonteri - Onderon
Knight-Wing Captain Luke Skywalker/Phoenix Squadron (X-Wing) - Tatooine - Requires Anakin
Knight-Phantom Mara Jade - Taris
Knight Leia Skywalker/Arbitration (Immortalis) - Naboo - Requires Anakin
Lord Revan Dragonfang/Devourer(Cabur'cal) - Lehon - Requires Drake
Darth Reavita/Emperor’s Wrath(Providence) – Mustafar
Knight-Commander Galen Marek/Shadow (Dreadnaught) - Kashyyyk
Captain Verrack/Home One (MC80 Home One) – Mon Calamari
Admiral Nammo/Defiance (MC80 Home One) – Mon Calamari
Admiral Yamarus/Independence (MC80 Home One) – Mon Calamari
Lieutenant Sabine Wren/Honor Squadron (Gauntlets) - Mandalore - Requires Bo-Katan
High-General Jax/Crusader Squadron(Basilisk) - Mandalore
Watch-Commander Boba Fett/Slave-X – Evocar - Requires Ryn
Knight-Phantom Jane Fett/Overseer (Heavy Gauntlet Variant) – Mandalore - Requires Boba Fett
Captain Firmus Piet/Protector(Harrower) - Taris
Supreme Commander Seras Dragonfang - Kamino - Requires Drake
Councillor Lux Bonteri - Onderon
Councillor Padme Skywalker - Naboo

TIE/r Sith TIE Fighter
TIE/r2 TIE Aurora Bomber
TIE/S mk.2 Sith TIE Interceptor
TIE/In-2 Sith TIE Fighter-Bomber
Cobra Droid Fighter-Bomber
Venom-class Gunship

Assassin-class Corvette
Crusader-class Corvette
Vengeance-class Frigate
Defender-class Escort Carrier
Defender II-class Assault Frigate
MC30-class Light Frigate
Aggressor-class Frigate
Immortalis-class Cruiser
MC80 - Liberation-class Cruiser
Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser Refit
Arbiter-class Star Destroyer
Cabur'cal-type Battleship
MC80 - Liberty-class Cruiser
Neo Harrower-class Star Destroyer

Galactic Republic

Supreme Chancellor Bail Organa - Tech 1
High Admiral Wullif Yularen/Motivation (Venator) - Tech 1
Jedi High General Yoda/ETA-3L Light Interceptor - Tech 1
Jedi High General Obi-Wan Kenobi/Destiny (Victory I) - Tech 2
Grand Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin/Oppressor(ISD-II) - Tech 3
Grand Admiral Tyber Zann/Peacebringer (Allegiance) - Tech 4
Jedi High General Mace Windu/Valiant(Valiant) – Tech 4
Jedi Supreme Commander A'Sharad Hett/Retribution (Secutor) - Tech 5

Minor Heroes
Captain Han Solo/Millennium Falcon - Corellia
Captain Sootir Fel/Imperium Squadron (TIE/In) - Corellia
Admiral Maarisa Zsinj/Retaliation (Venator) – Requires Yularen
Captain Kosh Teradoc/Allegiant (Venator) – Requires Treuten
Admiral Treuten Teradoc/Terror (Victory II) - Anaxes
Captain Kendal Ozzel/Moderator (Vindicator) - Coruscant
Captain Zsinj/Revenge (Vindicator) – Needs his Mommy
Agent Ysanne Isard - Coruscant
Admiral Screed/Invincible (Victory I) - Carida
Captain Xamuel Lennox/Chancellor (ISD-I) - Kuat
Rear Admiral Natasa Daala/Gorgon (ISD-II) – Requires Tarkin
Admiral Pellaeon/Chimera (ISD-II) – Bastion
Prince Xizor/Virago – Falleen
Captain Juno Eclipse/Shadow Squadron (TIE/In)
Captain Hera Syndulla/Ghost Squadron (ARC-170)

TIE/LN TIE Fighter
T-65 X-Wing Starfighter
Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-Wing Starfighter
BTL-B Y-wing Bomber
Incom W-Wing Interceptor
X-65/A Advanced X-wing Starfighter
BTL-B2 Y2-Wing Bomber
Gozanti-class Patrol Gunship

Lancer-class Patrol Frigate
Phalanx-class Light Frigate
Acclamator II-class Frigate
Guardsman-class Support Frigate
Gladiator-class Escort Star Destroyer
Venator-class Star Destroyer
Immobilizer-class Support Cruiser
Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser
Procursator-class Star Destroyer
Victory II-class Star Destroyer
Imperator-class Star Destroyer
Imperator II-class Star Destroyer

So this is the full list of units that i currently plan to include in the mod. Most are already in the game and i am mostly just balancing things out and adding in some polish. Some of the heroes here don't have ships listed because i've either yet to think of what to give them or will make said hero have a ability, buff or discount to be useful.
Most of the minor heroes are just for eye candy and targets while others process a unique ship, ability or command bonus.

Question Time: I want to know if i made a Patreon if anyone of you would actually support me? I'd offer rewards at intervals such as access to unreleased models, your own hero and even make a ship model for you.
I want to basically thank my brother and his fiance for opening their home to me. I watch their baby while they work but when there's issues with bill or when money is tight i feel really bad i can't help out in anyway. My future sister-in-law even wants to pay me for watching their baby but i keep telling her but i refuse to let her.
I don't want this to be for personal profit, but instead use it to support my family (Even a little) financially while also helping by watching their baby.

So i just wanted to see if this was a viable option since some modders in other communities seem to doing this and getting ok results. I mean if someone making some blocks in Minecraft can use patreon then why not me right?
From my understanding is that you are technically paying for a service i render in the reward and not my mod itself. So i am therefor not profiting from LucasArt/Darth Mickey.
Let me known if i should or should not do this. (Likely wont anyway because there are plenty of more worthy mods in this community that should really be doing this)



I think you should ask for donations its not wrong of you and its not like you are forcing us to support you, there is nothing wrong with asking for donations. If people want to see this mod enter its full potential then they should give back a little. Everyone thinks a modders life revolves around there mod and it does not, people forget modders have a place in society bigger than the one here on moddb.

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EmperorNiko Author

That's my main positive factor. Nobody has to donate and it has no effect on if or when i finish the mods.

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Haha, Zinj needs his mommy!

On a more serious note I see nothing wrong with asking for donations.

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You could add more fighters for both republic and sith.

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EmperorNiko Author

The Unity gets 2 fighters, 1 bomber and 2 fighter-bombers. More than enough.

The Republic has tons of fighter variants and 2 types of dedicated bombers seems reasonable.

Also both sides get a few special hero squadrons which use different fighters.

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