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📬 Incoming correspondence from Maze. Let's see how her latest journey has been going.

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Dear Jubal,

We just tracked Boulder Bill to the forbidden planet ChoraDelaBora!

From the mesmerizing fragrance of the Incense Flowers to the bioluminescent vines of the Strangler Trees, it is truly a breathtaking paradise! Kinda makes you wonder why it’s forbidden in the first place, don’t it?

Well funny I should say that, because surprise, surprise, we’ve hit a bit of a snag: Turns out those Incense Flowers spew clouds of toxic gas that melt your skin, then the Strangler Trees get annoyed and strangle you… And don’t even get me started on the all the damn “blades” of grass everywhere!

Of course none of this bothers Boulder Bill because he’s made of freaking boulders! Oh, he already rolled his way out of here while we were “tied up” with the local wildlife, thanks for asking!

Look Jubal, next time maybe spend a few bucks on our intel hey? Round out the old dossier before you send us into the next living planet of death?



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