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Ace's High has provvided the community a selfmade trailer with ingame footage - in the meantime Pablo Barral's GNN News Network has been released with a new concept.

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For a long time, there was no real ingame footage available of the WTS Mod. Newcommers so never knew what the mod was about, if they were too lazy to read the descriptions. The trailer was created by Ace's High. In his Version 1.2 he gave us his first impressions about the video and it had already back then great acceptance. Some users were suggesting further improvements to give this video more speed. And he so he heed the communities advices and made his final cut which now is public to you. Not to forget the fact, that this is the first real Trailer ever.


Since a while, there have been released some stories about the Character McTychson of the WTS World Mod after his departure. And soon this got a bigger scale, when Pablo Barral started to expand the storyline with more events and more characters that are connected in a certain way. Sidestories were started, some ingame related, some forum related or just fictional what are relating to the mod.
He was trying to release each week a 2-3 page long report whish actually looked like a good newspaper. But he was already thinking ot the next level. And he finally managed to reach it by releasing a new internet site containing it's news. The news are containing reports from Sirius Politics, Economy, Science, People and other news. Infact, even the news sound somehow fictional, there is always a real background available. In this way, he can keep the roleplay. The site is providing a poll wich already tells, that the GNN news is often read. Have a look at GNN

In the name of the WTS Community, i want to thank

Ace's High for his Trailer and
Pablo Barral for his great GNN Feature

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