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The beta is ready.. read on for full details about the TK 2.ZERO features list.

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Ok! So the latest beta build of TK 2.ZERO is ready (yay?) Theres been a lot of changes since the last beta I churned out 2-3 weeks ago. I haven't had chance to implement NPCs using grenade launchers, but you all know I didn't make any promises for getting that implemented in this beta.

Whats missing from the final TK2.ZERO version:

NPCs using GLs
Most of the cut mutants
Perhaps a gore feature (gibs), still working on it

Whats in the beta

Overhauled many textures, and outright replaced many more
New user.ltx file (this is essential if you want the full graphical beauty)
Bugfixes (there wern't many and they wern't even major, but a bugs a bug)
NPCs use medkits and throw grenades again
Overhauled weather system
Rebalanced some weapons (all handguns, increased firepower of AK and AKSU)
Snipers will shoot at you from some distance away, just like a real sniper :o)
Particle optimisations
General FPS optimisation
Blowouts and PSI emissions
Sleeping and dreaming
New level changer from Cordon to Dark Valley
New level changer from the NPP back to Pripyat
Increased AP ammo effectiveness "Thou SHALT DIE!"
Enabled new armours "Streloks Suit", "Skat 9M PSY", "Elite Exoskeleton"
Tested new weapons (GP100, H&K MP7)
Changed some UI icons
Re-skinned Sakharov (now uses CS textures, much nicer)
NPC Visors are now reflective and shiny
Added a patrol helicopter in Cordon. It won't attack, its there for realism what with the army base
Random fights (some NPCs will turn against you without warning, and some even in factions your neautral or friends with simply just won't like you. This is not a bug!)

+ all of the standard TK features and enhancements.

If anyone wants to lend a hand with the last few aspects for the final version of TK 2.ZERO let me know. You will get credit, and it'll allow me to start work on the next installment, TK3: Ground Zero.

A little did-you-know fact, TK2.ZERO now contains 24,693 modified and / or new files. Totalling a uncompressed size of 1.8GB! :O

By the time this bulletin is authorised I will have the mod available to download. I'm unsure if moddb has the capacity for a mod as large as mine, if it doesn't I'll upload it somewhere and post another bulletin with a download link.


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