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I have found new mapping tools:Valve Hammer Editor 3.5.1 and the Super Half Life compile tools(SHLT)!

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I have found the VHE 3.5.1 and the Super Half Life compile tools(SHLT).Badly the HLFX FGD is not supporting the VHE 3.5.1.But that is not a problem.SHLT:Based on the Zoner's HL Compile tools 3.5 final.Changes in the VHE 3.5.1:- New fgd to support the new change(no HLFX FGD)
- added Hammer 3.5
- added some sprites of the half-life 2's hammer editor, visible in the 3D view. (see the screenshot below)
- added new sprite ambient_generic.spr
- added and modified the static 3d model player for info_player_start, info_player_deathmatch and info_playercoop with arrow direction.
- added all weapons,ammos and items 3D models from the Half-Life SDK 2.3
- added some 3d models mdl for some entity, visible in the 3D view.(see the list below)
- added the missing tripmine ammo 3D model (w_tripmine.mdl) taked in the v_tripmine.mdl object from the sdk 2.3.

These 3D models replace some entities:

- monster_generic.mdl
- scripted_sequence.mdl
- cycler_sprite.mdl
- cycler.mdl
- cycler_weapon.mdl
- env_global.mdl
- info_teleport_destination.mdl
- trigger_auto.mdl
- trigger_change_target.mdl
- game_team_set.mdl
- game_team_master.mdl
- game_score.mdl
- game_player_team.mdl
- game_player_hurt.mdl
- game_player_equip.mdl
- game_counter_set.mdl
- game_counter.mdl
- target_cdaudio.mdl
- trigger_camera.mdl
- path_corner
- path_track.mdl
- info_bigmomma.mdl
- monstermaker.mdl
- player_loadsaved.mdl
- player_weaponstrip.mdl
- world_items.mdl
- env_funnel.mdl
- env_laser.mdl
- env_blood.mdl
- env_beam.mdl
- infodecal.mdl
- info_node_air.mdl
- info_node.mdl
- Player_solo.mdl
- Player_deathmatch.mdl
- Player_coop.mdl Made by Kato-yuenfrom

Download: (VHE3.5.1) (SHLT)

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