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Sla Mod YR have a big history about all changes, many changes has been made from 1.00b and now SMY 1.04

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All these new things will be in SMY (SLA Mod YR), Version 1.04 brings new game tactics such as Jetpack Engineer is an engineer who has a jetpack in the back and traveling with it, and many other things. *

* These new are some rumors, there may not be available due to recent changes SMY 1.04 before publish on Web

Howitzer has been replaced by MLRS
SMY 1.04 New Sign (Christmas Version)


1.00 - this verison has not relesead

Apocalypse si MCV'S crush other tanks like Battle Fortress or in RA3
All the country units are available for his allies
All the units needed Spy now you don't need spy
Conscript can be in deploy mode like GI
Medic - repair soldiers on battlefield
Rocketeer RUSSIA - Flying Trooper like Rocketeer firing with rokets
New Cameo for old tanks and units
Howitzer - artillery tank can shoot at large distance
Tesla Tank float on water
Glatting Boat - AA & AI boat firing 2 glatting barrels
MIG - Aircraft Fighter like Hereir
Airbones for Russia if you build Russia Airport
GUN TURRET - AT (anti-tank) battery for allies
Flame Tower - AI (anti-ifantery) battery firing with flame for YURI
Soviet Turret - AT battery for russia
Yuri Depou BUG - not working (this bug has been repair at 1.02 verison)
Russia Airport - Airport for russia with 4 pads for his aircraft's
Sniper Tower - this power his a good anti-ifantery (this weapon has been get out for his unbalance)

1.01 - this verison has not relesead

Yuri Depou get it out for his graphic problems and incorect functionality
Repaired problems for Names and Cameos
Defense Base can be promoved
A good balance of Rusi, Aliati si Yuri
Reparid Missing Cameo for a building (Sniper Tower)

1.02 - this verison has not relesead
Change of name from Russia to Romania
Chrono Tank - teleporting car can shoot with rockets
Balance Problem - Mig to powerfull and his been reduce his power
A more powerfull AI (computer)
New cameos for mod
Sonic Tower - Sonic Battery for America (get it out in next version 1.03
MARV - a very big tank firing with a big tripple gun
Sonic Tank - tank firing with sonic weapon like Dolphin and Hover like in C&C 3
Tesla Tank incrased shooting distance
Yuri Lasher Tank his amfibuis
HoverTank - a tank hover shooting with rocket (deleted form game)
Yuri Service Depot re-added for game
Yuri Rocket Lunch Pad replace Fire Tower
Yuri Rocket Lunch Pad - AT (anti-tank) battery for Yuri
Fire Tower get it out for poor shooting
JEEP - a Jeep Car with gun, his can carry troops
Sniper Tower get it out for his unbalance

1.03 - Released
C&C 3 modification of graphics, cameos and units (MARV transformed to Mammoth Tank etc.)
More Ballance
AI bug descovered from Soviet, Soviet AI don't build Soviet Battle Lab (The problem will be repaired in next ver)
Sonic Tank BUG - sonic tank can't float on water on previous version and more firepower
Chrono Tank replaced
Repaired Other Bugs
Base can be promoted

1.04 - 17.12.09 - Will be relase soon
Reconstruied MOD (AI Problems resolved)
Apocalypse Modified (new GFX for Apocalypse)
PrismTank bug after reconstruction repaired (can't use that efect when shout a unit {this problems is from reconstruciton}
Correct Promotion Defense Base (all Defense Bases {exception Psychic Tower and Glatting Cannon)
Glatting Cannon promotion repaired (Glatting Cannon can't be promoted , his not shot if is promoted)
Graphics and Texts Problems repaired
Natasha added (a powerfull Sniper for Russia, his not replace Boris)
Blink added (fast and very powerfull drone, designed to kill with his powerfull electric weapon
MLRS added (Allied MLRS, a powerfull Rocket Launcher)
Splash added (see photo)
NO START movie Patch (by sla) added
More Balance trough all teams
Chaos Bomber added (YR Aircraft)
Correct GI, conscripts and initiate price (150, 150, 200)
And More Other Things Added ... (gfx, sfx, repaired bugs, new units etc)
Indie Units , New Tactics, New AI Tactics, New HUD (thanks to YR Argentina), Expansion Bases

---------------- r.1350 -----------------
Cosmunaut only on moon (bug repaired)
New Activatiing SMY Installation with settings v.1.10 (with 2 languages)
More Visible Water Defense
Emisary float on water
2 New ifantry added, technician and Thief
Yuri have TwinBlade
Free Repair Tank when you build a Repair Pad
No Free Repair Tank on War Factory only on Repair Pad
Improved Cameos Graphics
New Cameos
Zeus Tank Added (only YURI)
Uranium Tank added (only Russia, need Nuclear Reactor)
Ra3 Type CAMEOs
New Gattling Trooper SHP
Old Apocalypse (too big the new apocalypse)
Sea Scorpion less fireing distance
Soviet Air Pad Spy Bug Repaired
Yuri Engineer new cameo
Allied Fusion Power added
Land Mine Added
Soviet Artilery Unit changed into 155mm Gun (is same)
Future Tech Added
Strom Tower Added
Total invasion on Civilian Airport (7 min) - 10 GIs and 5 FLAK
Yuri Paradrop: 5 INIT and 2 Brutes
Correct Prices Ballance
Correct Power Ballance
OTher Ballance
Mine Bug repaired
Ubersoldiet Gattling sound shoot and correct prices
Rocket Angel Correct prices
FUTURE TANK VX-1 replace Predator Tank (shoot with shockwave)
Auto-Detect YR folder from registry (you need to have YR installed to auto-detect)
New Country Loading
Correct Romanian Flag

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