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* the storyline and naming are incomplete/bogus, most will get replaced or reworked to conform to the new Lore * this TEST MOD corresponds to the "startup" part, spawning through levels 5 to 10 if a new character is used and if combined with Provost of the Nine Divines (many things in POTND wil be modified for its seamless integration). * this TEST MOD cannot give a good idea nor impression about the global MOD in itself.

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First off: set the difficulty level halfway on the gauge (Options), at least to the third else it'll be too easy, as is the Vanilla game - if you find this too hard or are tired of fighting your way through, just lower the difficulty level during the game.

Two contexts for starting up the TEST MOD:

  1. With a new character (more fun): the mod starts right after Uriel's assassination.
  2. With a current game/character: the mod strats when loading the saved game.
  3. In both cases, a new quest dialog will show up and and will tell you what to do...

Everything in this TEST MOD takes place around the Waterfront District: there's a cavern, where almost all scripted objects are deployed for testing. Most of them will later on get scattered in different locations of the final mod. As such the goal is to test these objects as well as the quest until the PC gets ownership of the caves: is it too hard? Are there glitches or bugs? ...?

The player must conquer the caves: when the player becomes the owner (a deed to be found on the main desk area), the cavern is much different from what the player could see while fighting for his life: there's a way to ACTIVATE that cave...

If the difficulty level is set as above-mentioned, then having a companinon is a big plus, even a "must have", however it's still feasible alone: be patient and use some strategy; don't hesitate to go back! Take the time to loot any container you can encounter on the way through, this will greatly help... ;-)

MANY objects are SCRIPTED, almost all of them except a table, a chair an ingredients. There's lots of coding, but it's optimized. However, please tell me if the game lags too much, I can't know about this since I am using a high-end computer (however I began scripting this mod on a low-end machine without too much lags so it should be ok)...

You'll discover MANY NEW GYZMOS HAVING NEW OR ENHANCED FUNCTIONALITIES FROM WHAT CAN BE GOTTEN IN OTHER MODS, touch/activate everything and discover, there's even a special "Shadowbanish Mill├ęsime" to be tried near the kitchen area...

Book stories ARE NOT included yet, some are still under writing since they explain the Lore itself. There's one book I've left near the main bed that's written in french and which is completely absurd (I was pleasing my buddy's little 8 year old girl named Camille, they were passing by at my office on that day).. However they're all "functional".

Star Rifter Network - You'll know what to do, loot and look around. A book was left on the secretary near the main guardian desk, it teaches a teleport spell to the caves, serving as a last recourse during the development phase. Same thing for the 7 rifter pads, each one of them can be summoned with its own spell: if you take a pad from the magic drawer, the spell is automatically added to your spell list; if you put ot back in the drawer, the spell is automatically removed.

A new NPC: Denis Foyatiers, Imperial Scuplptor. He's one of the main character of this mod, along with the "Tom Bombadil-alike" NPC and Titus Cubitus (from POTND). His role is central, he will help the player throughout the game and will even offer his companionship in due time. The player will discover that he actually is Martin's half-brother...

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