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It's been a Long Time. But Novus is back, and better than ever anticipated.

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This project had been on the back burner for awhile. I couldn't get the terrain to do what I wanted it to do, and I couldn't get the netcode to act 100% right.

But that has all changed.

With the versatility of minecraft-like terrain. You can properly dig up the world a square meter at a time. Flatten out your land, dig tunnels or mine into rock. You can do it all.

Chop down trees, bring the logs back. Build a house, out of whatever you want. Whether it be a log cabin, a wooden house, or a brick house, or maybe even a combination of the few and hang an iron or steel plate over it for even more protection? I don't know, that is completely up to you.

Build Villages, Towns, Cities, States, Countries.

Novus will consist of 5 Major continents. Each of which contains their own Biomes.
When a player is new to the world, they will choose a continent they wish to spawn on.
They will be spawned near players that are not part of any settlements, and far away from other settlements. This will be to help establish civilization on a decent spread throughout the land.

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