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New tech system, get special tech with missions and conquer special planets.

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Good Afternoon, Here is a new update on the mod, We planning to get a whole new tech system in the mod, that you have to spend time first in unlocking ships with special tech. On some planet you can unlock earth tech (on the base of the humans), on Asgard worlds you can unlock Asgard tech like Asgard bubble shields. Former Ancient control worlds you could unlock some ships and weapons. And many will be add to this list so you get more the filling that the people have to learn the tech before they could use it.

Also a small example:
Tech System Humans

Building SGC
Possible Unlocks Malp SG-Teams Teltak Hatak
Requirement for unlock Malp Tech SGC-Training Goa uld training Tokra Tech

Building 51
Possible Unlocks F-302 X-303 X-303 Mk II DSC Odyssey DSC Apollo DSC Deadlus DSC Asgard
Requirement for unlock F-302 Blue X-303 blue X-303 Blue DSC blue DSC Blue DSC Blue DSC Blue
Asgard Tech

Asgard Planets
Tech that you can get X-303 blueprint
DSC blueprint
Asgard Tech
Asgard Shields

Don't know if we will hold on with tech levels, but maybe we can do later some sort of timeline from the time Atlantis left Earth till a couple 100 years later today. In the campaign you can earn really special tech with some mission. Like Asgard ships, unlock the way to Atlantis and more..

Also some new pic of the models that were work on this weeks.

Puddle Jumper
New ShipsNew Ships

New ShipsNew Ships

New ShipsNew Ships

See you by the next update.


:o when is the game playable? :D

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